Get Paid to Drive

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Do you drive?
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We want to pay you to rent some of the space on your vehicle, it's that simple! Pad your wallet by placing one of our attractive decals on your window. You will be paid on a monthly basis to do nothing more than what you're already doing. Our decals are visually appealing, and are easily removed upon contract expiration. We're all burdened by the same monthly bills: car insurance, gym memberships, cell phone contracts; the list goes on. Why not let AutoInk help you spend that money in more enjoyable ways?.

Do you regularly drive? If so, you're a top prospect to join our team. Generate additional monthly income without interrupting your daily routine or compromising existing commitments. You will receive $100 for every month your vehicle bears an AutoInk decal. It's the easiest way for busy people to earn some spare cash without doing any work. Take the first step and sign up now, your wallet will thank you!.

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